Customer Support

Our dedicated customer support department is available to assist your customers with all their transaction and payment needs. With email support and online skype chat, our specialists team will resolve all payment issues as quickly and seamlessly as possible, ensuring ongoing customer satisfaction, and maximum payment acceptance, easily, quickly and securely.

Fraud Protection

Limit chargeback sand fraudulent transactions with PBS’s premium online payment security

At PBS, it is our goal to provide unrivalled payment security to merchants in the eCommerce industry. Through a series of sophisticated fraud controls,PBS successfully minimizes fraudulent transactions, whilst greatly lessening the occurrence of chargebacks and unauthorized payments.

Quick Integration

- -Specifically designed to make it quick and easy to determine how PBS features can be configured to optimize your business model.

- -Developed to maximize understanding of PBS features through simple andintegration modules

- -Fully integrated with the Admin Portal, FAQs, Knowledge Base, and Client Support to provide assistance options if needed.

Transaction Reporting

PBS’s proprietary reporting interface provides merchants with real-time information across all their account, cardholder and processing activity. With configurable functionality to suit your needs, PBS provides you with a vast selection of online reports, including transaction statistics, sales, refund and fee reports, chargeback reports, full transaction listings, calendar activity and more.

Account Management

At PBS, we believe in personalized service for each of our merchants.  All merchants will also be provided with a general merchant support line, which can be used at any time, in cases of emergency or urgently required information.