High-Risk Merchant

  These specialized merchant accounts are much in demand by companies such as online casinos, adult content sites, and even large stores like Wal-Mart. High-risk payment gateways are essential for any organizations whose business daily entails a high volume of transactions, or transactions that carry a risk of charge-back, cancellation, or non-authorization of payment. A High-risk merchant account has been offered for several years now, and a series of features have been developed to minimize the risk of non-payment in such circumstances. Please note we are a global payment processing gateway supporting USA, UK, EU, NZ, AU and All Countries / international payment processor solution.

Credit Card Payments

-Advanced transaction security
-Real-time payment processing
-Discounted rates based on processing volumes
-Acceptance of multipl branded credit cards
-In depth transaction reporting
-Multi-currency payment acceptance
-Payment-receipt email services
-MOTO terminal for phone and mail order payments

MOTO Payment(Telephone Order)

  With your MOTO terminal, you can accept credit card payments from any computer worldwide with an active internet connection. This interface provides real-time processing and payment approval, and ensures all credit card payments submitted are fraud-checked and authorized by PBS’s advanced fraud prevention system.